Monday, January 27, 2014

TALKATIVE CORPSE reviewed... one of the most hated life forms on the intertubes (so said a couple of bloggers, anyway), noted Celine fancier Matt Forney. Hooray for hate!

"And the ending… I won’t spoil it, but it had my jaw hanging, mainly because it’s a happy ending (by Sterzinger’s standards anyway).

The Talkative Corpse succeeds because it’s honest, brutally honest...

True loserdom isn’t your rich daddy sending you to rehab after one too many speedballs. It’s living paycheck to paycheck due to a rigged, failed economy. It’s being ritualistically humiliated day after day by your boss, who does it for no other reason than because she can. It’s being emasculated and dumped by your girlfriend of six years, then spending the next half-decade without so much as a kiss from another girl.

And true loserdom sure isn’t celebrated by the fucking mainstream media."

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