Monday, April 27, 2015

More Good Words on Trigger Warning!

James LaFond on Trigger Warning: In which I am a damsel in distress on several quite nice levels. 

I love Lafond's sense of humor, which I why I asked him for the right to edit and reprint his article "Slavery Forever" for the relaunch issue. He manages to be both deadpan and slightly unhinged at the same time; a great formula, although he probably isn't treating it as a formula, it's just the way his brain works.

A young woman asking for help!
What else does a geezer live for?
“Yes Dear, just tell me who to kill.”

I realize now that Google penalizes sites that reprint shit, but Trigger Warning started from nothing, and we need content to get content (because c'mon, I wouldn't donate money to a site myself unless I had an idea of what the heck kind of stuff they like to print—and "mission statements" that are stuffed and chocked all full of good intentions only go so far.

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