Friday, May 23, 2014


If you aren't thrilled with the idea of paying eighty bucks for a gently used copy of THE DOCTOR AND THE HERETIC (AND OTHER STORIES) on Amazon, despair not (well, at least don't despair about that): Hopeless Books is going to reprint that sucker as soon as we can get a new cover for it.

Here's a teaser (one of my favorite bits):

Fenton always understood perfectly, in fact, that human suffering took many forms, and that its root reached down much deeper where its bitter fruit met the eye in its most spectacularly awful manifestations in the world. Genocide was bad, of course; hunger and poverty were intolerable; racial discrimination a disgrace, but even if it were possible to remedy these evils, you still wouldn’t have the thing out at its foul and festering origin, for the source of suffering lies in the very fact of life itself. ...

Yes, the Church had stepped to a certain point, to the very edge of the cliff in fact, but had refused to go farther. Fenton the newly-minted heretic now realized that he alone must go farther. His fated trajectory would lead him to a far distant destination.