Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Defecating in your punkspit

And while we wait for BEAUTY AND THE LEAST to release, here's a hilarious review of Nowicki's past effort, the neo-Orwellian fable UNDER THE NIHIL...


"If you are a conservative man, even reading the first 12 pages would be like medieval dentistry, or more like having some punk spit in your face while you tried to brush your teeth.

If you are a woman, reading Under the Nihil would amount to reading the journal of the creep who fantasizes about raping and murdering you.

If you are a liberal person, reading this book would very likely leave you with the sensation that someone defecated in your brain, with the tragedy compounded by the fact that they did so with your consent."

In a similar vein, here's an old Replacements song! Enjoy.

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