Thursday, January 9, 2014

Absolutely marvelous news... Andy Nowicki coming soon to Hopeless Books!

Yes, that's right...

...Due out at the end of this month, Hopeless Books will be publishing the latest tale of hell and hatred from my favorite brilliant and prolific gothic-Catholic-horror sickie, Andy Nowicki!

Oh, yes, that was a mouthful. And Nowicki's HOPELESS effort, BEAUTY AND THE LEAST, will be an eyeful, I guarantee it.

For now, here's a review of Nowicki's most recently published work, a collection of gemlike cris de coeur called LOST VIOLENT SOULS... enjoy!

"Stories full of warped goodness, wavering hope, slim desperation, torn belief, self-hate, outraged violence, death, life, agony, lust, youth, joy, and a black holy wonder about having to be alive, having to experience the here and now. Life for the characters — and by extension for all of us — is not a clean cut easy affair, but with a masters’ deft touch, Andy Nowicki manages to make it all end at just the right note, with just the right words."

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