Friday, December 6, 2013

Check me out, I got something besides translation accomplished anyway: LOOK, MORE FREE SHIT!! And paperbacks.

ONLY TWO DAYS till the paperback POD edition of THE TALKATIVE CORPSE is officially released!

Better still, I have put up (pending Amazon's approval, should take about 12-48 hours) this re-edited text (of course I re-edited it; do you really expect me to reformat anything whatsoever without finding additional nits to pick?) as a SECOND EDITION KINDLE VERSION, at the discounted price of $3.50!

This second edition Kindle version will also be available absolutely FREE to anyone who purchases the paper version, through Amazon's Matchbook program. It's like getting one copy for your digital self and one free Christmas gift for your favorite Luddite!

BETTER EVEN STILLER THAN THAT, from tomorrow, Dec. 7 through Tuesday, Dec. 10 I am GIVING AWAY the first edition Kindle version for absolutely FREE, so you can mock all the typos I missed last April. You're welcome. *As always, all Kindle books can be read on any device. Also as always, all Hopeless books are available as free review PDFs.

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