Monday, November 18, 2013

In the Works

Heidy ho. I've had the flu for about a week and a half now, but as the snot flow dwindles the reformatting/squirreling flow has been reborn. (No menstruation jokes, please, I'm still feeling a little nauseated.)

So: PAPER: I'm just waiting on the proof copy of a paper-ready POD of THE TALKATIVE CORPSE, coming soon from Amazon. Hold it in your hot little hands. 

And, per request from friends who, bless their hearts, think they're going off the grid by using Nook or some Apple shit instead of Kindle, I'm also reformatting the Corpse for Smashwords, which pretty much distributes to everything.

Next up: I'll be reformatting Robert Ignatius Dillon's BEYOND THE BUSH for paper and smash as well. 

AND AS ALWAYS: All of our books are available for review in PDF version for the low, low price of asking me. And, preferably, actually writing a review.

No venue is too big or too small, but if you're going to write it on your pet, please use a sandwich board, not a tattoo gun. Jesus, you shouldn't even be shaving your pets in the first place.

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