Friday, August 8, 2014


The Talkative Corpse, HOPELESS BOOKS' 2013 historical horror novel (to use these terms as loosely as humanly possible) gets some love from Heathen Harvest! :

The hideous demonic manifestation calls itself Bertram, and informs him that he will destroy Kat, but only after Jaggo falls in love again. Additionally, killing off Kat comes with a price; Bertram must also kill someone Jaggo loves.

From here until the thrilling fireball-filled conclusion of the novel, Bertram follows Jaggo around, observing his movements, drinking all his beer and liquor, and making irreverent commentary. Inevitably, Jaggo meets a woman who is perfect for him, but he is afraid to fall in love with her for fear that she will be the one the animani takes as a price for Jaggo’s ill-advised incantation.

Much obliged, Heathens; much obliged. My occasional penchant for modern metal has not gone unrewarded by whatever Teutonic deity is in charge of karma (hey, I said it was occasional).

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