Monday, April 27, 2015

Black House Rocked reviewed AGAIN!!

More Good Words on Trigger Warning!

James LaFond on Trigger Warning: In which I am a damsel in distress on several quite nice levels. 

I love Lafond's sense of humor, which I why I asked him for the right to edit and reprint his article "Slavery Forever" for the relaunch issue. He manages to be both deadpan and slightly unhinged at the same time; a great formula, although he probably isn't treating it as a formula, it's just the way his brain works.

A young woman asking for help!
What else does a geezer live for?
“Yes Dear, just tell me who to kill.”

I realize now that Google penalizes sites that reprint shit, but Trigger Warning started from nothing, and we need content to get content (because c'mon, I wouldn't donate money to a site myself unless I had an idea of what the heck kind of stuff they like to print—and "mission statements" that are stuffed and chocked all full of good intentions only go so far.

Thursday, April 23, 2015


Well, it's been a tumultuous month here at the Hopeless Books ranch, what with the mad psychiatrists running around tying your humble proprietor to chairs and all—and why is it that the less money your company makes, the harder it is to find an unpaid intern? The one I had died of malnutrition so I was having the cat fetch me Starbucks—so I didn't post the release of Paul Bingham and Emril Krestle's gorgeous split single BLACK HOUSE ROCKED till AFTER the first review rolled in. Well, vwah-lahhh:

And said review was written by the likes of James O'Meara, no less. He has a way with book reviews. It pisses some people off, but if you don't have any enemies you're doing this thing wrong.

Oooh, and he liked it. Score! 

An excerpt:

Jackson’s ensuing adventures are a kind of blood-drenched Magic Theater, a tour of the Western Lands under the guidance of el hombre invisible himself. I must confess, I rather missed our grittier, down-home visit with Jackson and his fellow small town glue huffers, but Bingham’s way with language keeps you going on.

Some lines are worthy of Chandler himself:

“He likes to live in a nutshell. All complete, but can’t hit back, when the world starts cracking.”

And check this out: I am apparently "one of the leading voices of the anti-natalist movement," saith O'Meara. Some may find this a dubious compliment, but I wear it with stinking, rancid, human pride.

Thursday, February 12, 2015


Now available in paperback... release date: the Friday the 13th directly before Valentine's Day. Because we spit in the face of whatever gods are in charge of whatever this is. Ha!

Buy from Createspace, we make more money!

Monday, January 19, 2015

In which Robert Stark interviews me

Robert Stark has an interesting podcast show, featuring the likes of me. This was recorded back in the days when I was working 12-hour days as the sole proofreader/French translator/all-around bitch boy of an ad agency. Most money I've ever made, but as for the working conditions I had to keep repeating to myself: "At least I am warm and dry. At least I am warm and dry." Because I've had cold, wet jobs, but they have never lasted 60 hours a week.

Friday, January 16, 2015

Pierre Michel on Assassins

I haven't had time to translate it into English yet, but Pierre Michel, the Octave Mirbeau scholar, wrote much less incoherently than I did the day of the shootings: